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Mark Kelso - Musician First, Drummer Second


Instructional DVD with performances from Collin Barrett, Gregg Lawless, Hilario Duran, Roberto Occhipinti, Mike Downes, Ted Quinlan, Brian Dickinson, Matt Horner, Dave Gray, Gordon Sheard, George Koller, Luanda Jones, Alexis Baro, Shirantha Beddage, Al Kay, Jeff King

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The Juno Awards took place in Vancouver in late March, 2018. It was a thrill to have Root Structure recognized as Jazz Album of the Year:Solo. It features Robi Botos - keyboards, Ted Quinlan - guitars, Larnell Lewis - drums and me on bass. It was beautifully recorded by engineer Steve Bellamy.



Ripple Effect, winner of the Traditional Jazz Album of the Year Juno Award in 2014, is available on itunes and at!

Mike Downes - bass, Robo Botos - piano, Ethan Ardelli - drums and special guest Ted Quinlan - guitar.

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