Bass interviews

I'm planning on interviewing a series of prominent Canadian bassists for the purpose of tapping into their advice for aspiring bassists. Let me know if you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask. These are the questions I have so far:

What are some important musical and other lessons you've learned that you can pass on to aspiring bassists?

What are three of your favourite recordings that you consider essential for any bassist to check out?

Can you share some practice ideas? What should aspiring bassists focus on? What worked/works for you? I realize this is a very broad question that varies with individuals' needs, but I'm looking for some general ideas, and in particular what worked for you.

Do you have any gear advice (specific pickups, strings, amps, etc. and what to look for)?

What's coming up for you and how can we follow you (website, social media, etc,)?